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Highlights of Central Asian four «STAN» countries


Ashgabat – Nisa – Darvoza Gas Crater – Kunya-Urgench – Khiva – Bukhara – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand – Penjikent – Seven Lakes – Penjikent – Iskanderkul Lake – Dushanbe – Istaravshan – Khujand – Tashkent – Bishkek – Son Kul – Bishkek


17 days / 16 nights

  • Day 01             Arrival in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

    Arrive in Ashgabat by Turkish Airlines. Meet at the airport and transfer to hotel. Early check in. AM rest. PM excursion in Ashgabat: visit the 75 m Arch of Neutrality (1998 y), – the highest construction in Turkmenistan with the gold statue of Turkmenbashi on the apex, the Presidential Palace (former building of the Communist Party of Turkmenistan, 1950-1955 y.y.), the orthodox church of Aleksandr Nevskiy (XIX c.), Ertogrulgazy mosque with 4 minarets and enormous cupola (1997 y.) – the largest mosque in the country and Capital Museum of Carpet. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 02            Ashgabat – Nisa – Darvoza Gas Crater (275 km, by road), Turkmenistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Darvoza Gas Crater. En route visit Nisa ruins (15 km from Ashgabat) which date back to 250 B.C.  Upon arrival in Darvoza, check-in in Tents or Yurts. Riding horses (Alkhalteke breed – the pride of Turkment people). Enjoy the nightview of Darvoza Gas Crater (so called: “Gates of Hell” or “Door to Hell”). Overnight in Darvoza.

  • Day 03            Darvoza – Kunya-Urgench – Khiva (395 km, by road), Uzbekistan

    After breakfast, drive to Khiva. En route visit the main sights of Kunya-Urgench: the mausoleum of Nadjmetdin-Kubra – the founder of “Kubra” Sufi sect (XII-XIII c.c.), the mausoleum of Mongol princess Torebeg-Khanum (Turabek-Khanum (XII-XIV c.c.), Mamun minaret (X-XI c.c.), Kutlug-Timur minaret (XII-XIV c.c., 67 m) – the highest minaret in Central Asia, Kyrk-Mollah mausoleum (II c. B.C. – III c. A.D.), Ibn-Khadjib madrassah (XIV-XVI c.c.), Arslan mausoleum – the oldest building in the city (approximately XI c.), Fakhr-ad-Din-Razi mausoleum (XIII c.), mausoleums of Azizan-al-Ramatani (XIII-XIV c.c.), Sayed-Ahmed (XII-XIV c.c.), Piryarveli (XIV-XVII c.c.), Guligerdan (XII c.), Khorezimbag (XIII-XVIII c.c.), Dashgala (XIV-XVI c.c.), Matkarim-Ishan (XIX-XX c.c.), Sultan Ali (1580 y), Tekesh-Khorezmshakh (XIII c.) with the minaret (XIV c.), Dashmedjet (1903-1908 y.y.) and Ak-Kala (I-XIII c.c.) fortress. After excursion, drive to Turkmen-Uzbek border. Change transport & guide and transfer to hotel in Khiva. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 04            Khiva, Uzbekistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Full day excursion program in Khiva – “Ichan-Kala architectural ensemble” – “Museum under the open sky”: Mausoleum of Pahlavan Makhmud, Tosh-Hovli Palace (Harem), Kunya-Ark Fortress, Kalta-Minor Minaret, Medrese of Shergazi-Khan, Complex of Alla-Kuli Khan, Juma Mosque and Minaret, Karavan-Saray, Minaret and Mosque of Khodja-Islam, Tim of Alakulikhan, Medrese of Abdulla-Khan, Mausoleum of Said Alautdin, Medrese of Mukhamad Amin-Khan, Walls of Ichan-Kala, Palvan-Darvaza Gate. Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 05            Khiva – Bukhara (460 km), Uzbekistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Bukhara through Kizil-Kum Desert (460 km,7-8 hours driving). En route stop near Amudarya river for photo shooting. Upon arrival in Bukhara transfer to hotel for accommodation. Overnight.

  • Day 06            Bukhara, Uzbekistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Full day excursion program in Bukhara: Samanids’ Mausoleum, Chashmai Ayub Mausoleum, Bolo-Khovuz mosque, Ark Fortress, Poi-Kalyon complex (Kalyan mosque and minaret, Miri Arab madrassa), Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan madrassas, Magoki Attori mosque, Trade Domes (Toki-Zargaron, Toki-Telpakifurushon and Toki-Sarrofon), Labi Khovuz complex. Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 07            Bukhara – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand (380 km), Uzbekistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Samarkand via Shakhrisabz. Arrive in Shakhrisabz (280 km – 4 hours driving) & visit: Ak Saray Palace, Kok Gumbaz, Dorut-Tilovat Complex, Dorus-Saodat Complex. PM. Drive to Samarkand (100 km, 1.5 hours driving). Upon arrival in Samarkand transfer to hotel and overnight.

  • Day 08            Samarkand, Uzbekistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Full day excursion program in Samarkand: visit Afrosiyob Museum & hill, Observatory of Ulugbek, Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis, Bibi-Khanum Mosque – the largest mosque in Central Asia, oriental bazaar Siyab, Registan Square (Sherdor Madrassah, Tilla Kari Madrassah and Ulugbek Madrassah) & Guri-Emir mausoleum. Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 09            Samarkand – Penjikent – Seven Lakes – Penjikent (250 km), Tajikistan

    Early breakfast at hotel. Drive to Uzbek-Tajik border “Jartepa” (45 km). Change transport & guide. Drive to Panjakent (15 km). Upon arrival, excursion in Penjikent: visit Rudakiy Museum, and the ruins of ancient Penjikent (a major Sogdian city, dates back to the A.C. V c. and destroyed by Arab conquerors in the A.C. VIII c.). PM drive to popular Seven Lakes in Tajikistan (80 km – one way): Haf Kul – seven lakes of different colors in mountains of Tajikistan: 1. Mijgon, 2. Soya, 3. Hushyor, 4. Nophin lake, 5. Khurdak, 6. Marguzor, 7. Hazorchashma lake. Drive back to Penjikent (80 km). Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 10             Penjikent – Iskanderkul Lake – Dushanbe (about 300 km), Tajikistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Dushanbe via Iskanderkul (which is known as one of the most beautiful lakes of the former Soviet Union. The lake was named after Alexander the Great, who had relaxed with his troop on its shore). Upon arrival in Dushanbe, transfer to hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 11            Dushanbe, Tajikistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Full day city tour in Dushanbe: visit the national Antique Museum, the Statue of Ismail Somoni, Rudaki Park and the fortress of Hissar including Kukhna Medresah. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 12            Dushanbe – Istaravshan – Khujand (300 km, by road), Tajikistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Khujand with stop in Istaravshan: visit Hazrat Shah architectural complex, (consisting of Hazrat Shah Mausoleum, the grave of the brother of Kusam ibn Abbas, Khudayar Valami Mausoleum, and Namazgah Mosque dates back to AD XIX c.). Continue to Mug Teppe, one of the ancient settlements located in Ura-Tepa. Drive to Khujand. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 13            Khujand – Tashkent (165 km), Uzbekistan

    Breakfast at hotel. Sightseeing in Khujand: visit Khujand Fortress, the mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin, Kayrakkum Reservoir. PM drive to Tajik-Uzbek border “Oybek”. Change transport & guide. Drive to Tashkent. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 14            Tashkent – Bishkek (by plane), Kyrgyzstan

    Breakfast at hotel. Excursion program in Tashkent: visit Hasti Imam Complex (Barakhan Medresha, Tillya Sheikh Mosque and Muyi Muborak Library with famous Holy Osman Koran), Earthquake monument, Independence Square, Amir Temur Square, Metro-some Subway stations which are famous for their unique architectural designs and cleanness. PM transfer to Tashkent International Airport for flight to Bishkek. Upon arrival in Bishkek, transfer to hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 15            Bishkek – Son Kul (300 km), Kyrgyzstan

    After breakfast, drive to Son-Kul which is a remote mountain lake situated on a treeless, high mountain plateau (3016 m. h.) where you can see various eye-catching Yurts as well the shepherds with their flocks of sheep in very picturesque valley. Overnight at Yurts.

  • Day 16            Son Kul – Bishkek (300 km), Kyrgyzstan

    Breakfast at Yurts. Drive back to Bishkek. Upon arrival in Bishkek, visit Ala Too Square, Manas Monument, the State History Museum. Overnight in the hotel.

  • Day 17            Departure from Bishkek

    Early transfer to Bishkek International Airport (30 km) for departure flight (Turkish Airlines) to next destination. End of the tour.


– 1 pax (single accom.) Upon request
– 2 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 3 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 4 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 5 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 6 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 7 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– Single supplement Upon request

Features of the tour:

This tour contains the highlighted cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Samarkand by covering cultural, historical, architectural and educational features. As a standard classical tour, its duration is ideal with enough time to learn the famous cities on the Silk Road and at the same time to enjoy one’s holiday.


Best season to travel:

You can travel and enjoy this program all year around however one can feel a little bit uncomfortable to travel in the hottest period of summer (in July) and in winter when the weather is cold. But during these off-season periods, travellers can get special discounted rates for packages by request.


Level of difficulties and age limitation:

This is an easy level tour and there is no age limitation as far as a person has no walking distance problem. Because in some cities such as Khiva and Bukhara, transportation is limited and normally tourists walk around approximately from 3 to 5 km during an excursion.


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