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Trekking in Yangikazgan, Nurata


Bukhara / Samarkand – Nurata – Yurt Camp (in Aydarkul) – Samarkand / Bukhara


2 days / 1 nights

  • Day 01              Bukhara/Samarkand – Nurata- Yurt Camp (5 hours driving)

    Arrive in Sarmishsay from Bukhara or Samarkand. Trekking over Sarmyshsay (Sarmishsay) petroglyphs (a home of 4 000 petroglyphs in 2 km distance. Approximately, 6 000-10 000 years old rock carvings and ochre-based paints: scenes of hunting, doing rituals, figures of natural and fictitious animals), Alexander the Great’s fortress ruins, holly spring “Chashmai Ayub” and mosques in Nurata. Ride on the camel, admire the desert landscape and stay overnight in the Yurt Camp. In the evening listen to the music performance “Akyn” around the fire.

  • Day 02              Yurt Camp – Samarkand/Bukhara (5 hours driving)

    Trekking to the nearby Kazakh village of ‘Dungalak’ to learn about the life of desert inhabitants. Drive by car or ride on the camels to the lake Aydarkul. Swim or stroll along the lake shores. In the afternoon drive back to Samarkand or Bukhara.


– 1 pax (single accom.) Upon request
– 2 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 3 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 4 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 5 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 6 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– 7 pax (twin sharing) Upon request
– Single supplement Upon request


Features of the tour:

This tour contains the highlighted cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Samarkand by covering cultural, historical, architectural and educational features. As a standard classical tour, its duration is ideal with enough time to learn the famous cities on the Silk Road and at the same time to enjoy one’s holiday.


Best season to travel:

You can travel and enjoy this program all year around however one can feel a little bit uncomfortable to travel in the hottest period of summer (in July) and in winter when the weather is cold. But during these off-season periods, travellers can get special discounted rates for packages by request.


Level of difficulties and age limitation:

This is an easy level tour and there is no age limitation as far as a person has no walking distance problem. Because in some cities such as Khiva and Bukhara, transportation is limited and normally tourists walk around approximately from 3 to 5 km during an excursion.


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