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Shakhrisabz – Tamerlane’s birthplace

Shakhrisabz – the birth town of Tamerlane (Timur the Great), previously named Kesh, is a 2700 years old city. It is an ideal example of urban planning and architecture of medieval Central Asia. Shakhrisabz’s most monuments were built during the reign of Timur and Timurids. Thus, Amir Timur turned his birthplace city into the second capital, not lower than Samarkand in luxury. Still remaining historical monuments of that time witness the city’s former greatness. Due to its importance in history, the city got into UNESCO’s heritage list in 2000.

Today the region can proudly announce that it has 1321 objects of cultural, historical heritage and 50 hotels, hostels, guesthouses.

Shakhrisabz has already become a city of festivals. Thus, in 2019 local people already celebrated more than 10 festivals, such as the festival of eco-festival of the “Hissar mountains”, folklore, Uzbek wrestling “kupkari”, Amir Timur’s birthday, folk dance competition, craft festival, etc.

Shakhrisabz means in Persian “a green city”. The diverse nature, delicate crafts, and peculiar architectural monuments of Shakhrisabz are attracting tourists from different continents of the world. Shakhrisabz is becoming an interesting destination for lovers of CBT tourism.

Also, Shakhrisabz is well-known for its felt carpets, as well as “iroki” carpets and fine embroidery!

A day trip to Shakhrisabz is possible from Samarkand: 90 km through Takhtakaracha mountain pass and it can be done in a sedan car and 150 km through normal road by going along the mountain pass.

A day trip to Langar is possible from Shakhrisabz which is 60 km one way. Only sedan cars, minivans, vans, and minibusses can drive. Buses cannot drive up to Langar due to the mountainous road.

Last but not least, Maidanak astronomical observatory is around 100 km from Shakhrisabz. Maydanak observatory is unique because of its location in the middle of the world’s main astronomical facilities at the Canaries and Hawaii as well as its high-quality atmospheric conditions (astroclimate). The observatory is quite popular among foreign travelers to visit.

The main sights of the Shakhrisabz excursion:

  • Ak-Saray Palace (XIV-XV centuries);
  • Dorus Saodat Memorial complex (XIV-XV centuries);
  • Crypt of Temir the Great (XIV century);
  • Dorut-Tilovat Memorial complex (XIV-XV centuries);
  • Kok-Gumbaz Mosque (XV century);
  • Gumbazi-Seyidon Mausoleum (XV-XVII centuries).