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Why you should visit Uzbekistan?! Is it worth to visit Uzbekistan?

Reasons why you should visit Uzbekistan!

It is really worth to Uzbekistan! There are numerous reasons to visit Uzbekistan and you will have an enormous experience because Uzbekistan is a land of:

  • Sun because it has 300 sunny days during a year;
  • Sweetest and perfume smelling fruits and vegetables;
  • Tours to Uzbekistan include a visit to the legendary cities of the Great Silk Road described in 1001 nights like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva …;
  • Giant tiled blue domes (mosques, minarets and madrasahs);
  • The most hospitable and sociable nation;
  • Delicate handicrafts passing from ancestors to generations during centuries;
  • Culture, customs and traditions remaining unchanged for centuries;
  • Still existing oriental bazaars;
  • Numerous archaeological sites;
  • Rich cuisine (Samosa, Shashlyk, plov…);
  • Picturesque mountains suitable for trekking and hiking;
  • Diverse nature: deserts, forests, valleys, mountains, lakes, hills…;
  • Incredible shopping facilities (carpets, silks, wood carvings; jewelry, and scarves…which are ideal gifts)
  • The cleanest and one of the most beautiful Underground stations in the world!
  • Thousand shrines-Imam Al Bukhariy, Bakhouddin Naqshbandiy, Saint Daniel….;
  • Hosting Holy Uthman/Usman Quran/Koran since the XV century;
  • Shrinking Aral Sea which has become nowadays a global disaster. By visiting it, one can realize how human mistake can disturb the Nature!

Is Uzbekistan safe?

  • Safety assurance. Thus, anyone can walk at night without any fear. Also, there are tourist polices in each historical city.
  • Safety care. The government of Uzbekistan worked out safety standards against COVID-19 basing on the protocols and recommendations of World Travel & Tourism Council, Spanish ICTE, and Turkey. All hotels, transport companies, restaurants, guides and museums must follow it. Thus, a travel to Uzbekistan is safe. To get more detailed information of safety standards, please visit our page Uzbekistan Travel Safety Measures.

Is Uzbekistan accessible?

Easy accessibility. Nowadays Uzbekistan is one of the easiest accessible countries of the world. Because Uzbekistan is a visa free for 86 countries and has simplified online visa system for the rest countries! For the detailed info, please visit our visa section.


Looking forward to seeing you in Uzbekistan!!!