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Tour guide services in Uzbekistan

Tour guides’ role

A tour guide represents a country or even a nation because foreign tourists’ first impression and opinions fully depend on attitude and ideology of guides! As an example: if it is snowing, a tour guide can change the spoilt mood of travelers into a positive side by telling that “the photo shooting of monuments under the snow would be charming!” Or a tour guide can spoil tourists’ mood by just telling that “they are not lucky!” or “today is not their day!”.


Types of tour guides in Uzbekistan

Due to the educational reforms and new economic strategies in Uzbekistan, more and more guides are coming up in tourism sphere of Uzbekistan rapidly. Thus, we can arrange the guides with the following languages in Uzbekistan: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Urdu, and Persian.

There are 3 types of tour guides in Uzbekistan: local, accompanying, and thematic.


Local tour guides in Uzbekistan

Local tour guides give excursions only in their home cities like: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Gijduvan, Shakhrisabz, Kokand, Margilan, Termez, Nukus, etc… The peculiarities of such local guides: they give maximum information about their cities and their working hours are limited. We have a plenty of trips where tourists travel with drivers by taking local guides in each city. Usually, tours based on local guides, cost cheaper than the tours with throughout accompanying and thematic guides.


Accompanying tour guides in Uzbekistan

This type of guide serves and accompanies tourists during the entire tour by giving excursions in all cities themselves. Their working hours are not limited and they take care of tourists like baby-sitters. Besides excursions, they share their family issues, traditions, life experiences, etc. Our accompanying (or escort) tour guides finally become close friends with their tourists after their trips and keep friendly relations for many years. The tour packages based on accompanying guides cost higher than the costs with local guides because accompanying guides’ accommodations, meals, air/flight or train tickets should be covered in rates of tour packages.


Thematic tour guides in Uzbekistan

Thematic tour guides are those who are specialized in such fields of tours as: trekking, mountain, CBT, religion, archeology, handicraft, ecology, textile, ceramics… They also accompany tourists during the entire tour. The number of such guides is limited. Accordingly, they are in high demand and clients should book them much in advance. Their services cost much higher than the costs of local and accompanying guides.


Tipping tour guides in Uzbekistan

Tipping a tour guide is not a must but warmly welcomed. Tips serve to motivate them to work diligently. Usually, the tipping amount for a guide is 5 US dollars per person per day. If clients are happy with their services, they are welcome to give.


Booking a tour guide in Uzbekistan

Keeping in mind guides’ significant role in the success of trips, our company arranges only the best experienced and certified tour guides! Upon request, we can provide all types of tour guide services with the best prices.

If you need a local, accompanying or thematic guide in Uzbekistan, please fill in one of our reservation forms according to the type of tour guide you need through the panel on the right side of you.