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Flights to Uzbekistan

International flights to Uzbekistan

Flights to Uzbekistan or generally, international flights to one country of the world from another is the best means of transportation. And today no one can imagine a journey without a flight as it is an integral part of traveling to a foreign country.

Due to its geographically favorable location, Uzbekistan used to function as a transit country on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road in the past. Even today the international airports of Uzbekistan are functioning as transit airports connecting the western and eastern countries. Moreover, Uzbekistan itself is a country warmly welcoming foreign investors, businessmen, and tourists from different parts of the world!

Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways (other unofficial names: Uzbek Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlines) is famous for its relatively modern and new fleet which serves 44 international destinations in 25 countries of the world. There are 10 domestic airports within Uzbekistan and some of them function as International Airports.

Uzbekistan Airways is also well-known for its convenient timetables/schedules enabling passengers to take further connection flights or direct flight passengers to reach their destinations at a convenient time. Here is the flight schedule of Uzbekistan Airways. Here you can check flights to Uzbekistan from the USA, UK, Germany, etc… or vice versa.

International airlines flying to Uzbekistan

Besides Uzbekistan Airways, the following international airlines function to/from Uzbekistan. Flydubai is famous for its cheap/cheapest flights to Uzbekistan, while Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, and Turkish Airlines are known for their best services.

List of airlines flying to Uzbekistan:

Asiana Airlines (OZ):

  • Seoul (ICN)-Tashkent (TAS)-Seoul (ICN);

China Southern Airlines (CZ):

  • Beijing (PEK)-Tashkent (TAS)-Beijing,
  • Urumqi (URC) – Tashkent (TAS)-Urumqi (URC);

Flydubai (FZ):

  • Dubai (DXB)-Tashkent (TAS)-Dubai (DXB);

Korean Air (KE):

  • Seoul (ICN)-Tashkent (TAS)-Seoul (ICN);

Turkish Airlines (TK):

  • Istanbul (IST)-Tashkent (TAS)-Istanbul (IST),
  • Istanbul (IST)-Samarkand (SKD)-Istanbul (IST);

Aeroflot (SU):

  • Moscow (SVO)-Tashkent (TAS)-Moscow (SVO),
  • Saint Petersburg (LED)-Tashkent (TAS)-Saint Petersburg (LED),
  • Moscow (SVO)-Bukhara (BHK)-Moscow (SVO),
  • Moscow (SVO)-Samarkand (SKD)-Moscow (SVO),
  • Saint Petersburg (LED)-Samarkand (SKD)-Saint Petersburg (LED);

Air Astana (KC):

  • Almaty (ALA)-Tashkent (TAS)-Almaty (ALA),
  • Nur-Sultan (NQZ)-Tashkent (TAS)-Nur-Sultan (NQZ);

Azerbaijan Airlines (J2):

  • Baku (GYD)-Tashkent (TAS)-Baku (GYD);

Nordwind Airlines (N4):

  • Moscow (SVO)-Ferghana (FEG)-Moscow (SVO),
  • Moscow (SVO)-Karshi (KSQ)-Moscow (SVO),
  • Moscow (SVO)-Namangan (NMA)-Moscow (SVO),
  • Moscow (SVO)-Samarkand (SKD)-Moscow (SVO);

Red Wings Airlines (WZ):

  • Moscow (DME)-Ferghana (FEG)-Moscow (DME),
  • Moscow (DME)-Namangan (NMA)-Moscow (DME),
  • Moscow (DME)-Samarkand (SKD)-Moscow (DME);

Somon Air (SZ):

  • Dushanbe (DYU)-Tashkent (TAS)-Dushanbe (DYU);

Ural Airlines (U6):

  • Yekaterinburg (SVX)-Tashkent (TAS)-Yekaterinburg (SVX),
  • Krasnodar (KRR)-Tashkent (TAS)-Krasnodar (KRR),
  • Moscow (DME)-Ferghana (FEG)-Moscow (DME),
  • Moscow (DME)-Karshi (KSQ)-Moscow (DME),
  • Moscow (ZIA)-Karshi (KSQ)-Moscow (ZIA),
  • Yekaterinburg (SVX)-Namangan (NMA)-Yekaterinburg (SVX),
  • Moscow (DME)-Namangan (NMA)-Moscow (DME),
  • Moscow (DME)-Navoi (NVI)-Moscow (DME),
  • Moscow (ZIA)-Samarkand (SKD)-Moscow (ZIA),
  • Moscow (DME)-Urgench (UGC)-Moscow (UGC),
  • Saint Petersburg (LED)-Urgench (UGC)-Saint Petersburg (UGC);

UTair (UT):

  • Moscow (VKO)-Tashkent (TAS)-Moscow (VKO),
  • Moscow (VKO)-Bukhara (BHK)-Moscow (VKO);
  • Moscow (VKO)-Ferghana (FEG)-Moscow (VKO),
  • Moscow (VKO)-Samarkand (SKD)-Moscow (VKO);

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