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– Melon Festivals

– Dance Festivals

– Silk and Spice Festival

– “Boysun Bahori” Festival

– Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari”

– Namangan Flowers Festival

– Kokand International Handicrafters Festival – “Khunarmand”



The traditional melon festival in Khiva took place during 11-13 August 2019 in the territory of the Ichan Kala State Museum-Reserve.

In order to promote the Khorezm melon and to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists, a traditional melon festival of Khiva is decided to hold every year in Aug (the dates should be checked in advance).

The festival aims to increase the flow of tourists to the region, to promote the ancient experience of oasis in the region, to popularize the unique varieties and varieties of sweet melons and gardening products (peaches, apples, grapes, pears, dried fruits and watermelons). In addition, concerts of folk and ethnographic groups, performances of young pop singers, theatrical performances and crafts exhibition are arranged.



Every year in September Khiva holds the International Dance Festival – “Raqs Sehri” (“Magic of Dance”), which collects well-known dancers, folk groups, singers of Uzbekistan and different countries of the world. Besides local people, foreign tourists, journalists, representatives of embassies and international organizations attend to this unique event.

The program of the dance festival of Khiva is rich: folklore shows, musical and theatric performances, craft exhibitions, research-based and experiential forums, degustation of Khorezm foods, master-classes, etc.

At the final stage, organizers award winners of the “MAGIC OF DANCE” – the dance festival in Khiva.

One can enjoy the real beauty and delicacy of Khorezmian dance – Lazgi in Ichan Kala environment!

Last, but not least, The UNESCO included Lazgi in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity during the 14th session on 12 December 2019.

Born in Khorezm, Lazgi has centuries-old roots. Paintings of the dancing people can be found in the archaeological site of Toprak-Kala – an outstanding monument of culture of Ancient Khorezm in the I-VI centuries A.D.

Welcome to KHIVA DANCE FESTIVAL: “MAGIC OF DANCE” and experience Uzbek dancing styles with locals!



Located on the Silk Road, for centuries Bukhara has been the center of trade, crafts, wisdom, enlightenment, culture, and spirituality.

Throughout history, Bukhara has been a rival to Baghdad in its glory and has been well-known as “Bukhoroi Sharif”- “The Honorable City” as it was the religious center of Islamic World in the Middle Ages.

Bukhara was a hub for traders who went from East to West with their caravans. Among their goods, silk and spices were highly adored.

Starting from 2002 Bukhara has been holding Silk and Spices Festival to restore old traditions: to display the delicacy Bukhara crafts, the skills of Bukhara masters, and to stress the former role of the Great Silk Road in the city. Every year more and more people, including foreign tourists, attend to the festival. As a tradition, Bukhara holds it at the end of May-beginning of June.

The festival program contains concerts and theatrical performances of folklore groups from different parts of Uzbekistan, traditional games, master-classes, degustation of Uzbek plov at Palov Sayli (Plov Festival), fashion models shows.

By watching a colorful procession of actors and dancers dressed in ancient costumes, guests feel as if they got back to the Middle Ages, the Silk Road period!



Boysun is a southern town of Uzbekistan, located at the foot of Boysuntau Mountain. The peculiarity of the region is that its people still stick to antique customs and traditions.

UNESCO included Boysun’s culture in its list of “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2001. Thus, in 2002 Uzbekistan government decided to hold the festival for the first time. Accordingly, it was organized every year and was forgotten for some years. Only in 2017, the government decided to restore this tradition.

Boysun Bahori festival symbolizes the loyalty to ancient traditions and unity of folks! In the modern world when people are changing and forgetting their past and only in rare places like Boysun you can find such pristine culture. The aim of the festival “Boysun Bahori” is to accumulate and display the legacy of the history, which is cautiously preserved not only in Boysun, but also in other parts of Uzbekistan.

If you want to visit the festival, keep in mind that one day will not be enough for you to feel full scope of the event.

A huge camp is set up on the foothills with yurts, benches and stages, where folklore groups perform. Here arenas are arranged for various national games: wrestling “kurash”, equestrian game “kupkari”, fights of rams and cocks, etc. And also, a special place is played by the scene of “darboz” (tightrope walkers), which shows circus performances, where the balancing act perfectly combines with a fun theatrical performance. Here you see the performance of our pop stars and the performance of street performers. There are whole platforms where they cook food, where they are ready to treat you with the most delicious meat with pleasure. Gandy tandoor, Chulponcha (according to Shepherd’s), Black meat, Jiz-Biz, Chicken tandoor, Shish kebab, etc. You definitely won’t be hungry. And in the late afternoon, everyone will enjoy a festive salute and a gala concert with the participation of Uzbek pop stars.

The festival is held either at the end of April or at the beginning of May, this should be checked in advance.

There are two ways to get to Boysun:

  • Trains – the best option in comfort and budget point of view. But one should buy the train ticket 2 months ahead as it is highly demanded during a festival period.
  • Flights – TashkentTermez flight will take 75 minutes + 3-hour drive to Boysun.



The international music festival “Sharq Taronalari” (“Melodies of the East”) in Samarkand is one of the major festivals in Central Asia.

This music festival has been arranged in one of the unique architectural monuments of Samarkand – the Registan complex square – every two years during August 25-30 since 1997.

The main goal and objective of the festival is the widespread popularization of the best achievements of national musical art, the preservation and development of the great traditions of the people, the promotion of talents in the field of music and vocals, as well as the further expansion of international creative ties, the strengthening of mutual cultural and spiritual cooperation, the singing of the ideas of peace, friendship and mutual understanding.

Aside from performances, there are also exhibitions and conferences, held for the participants, guests, and media.

It has also become a tradition to hold an international scientific and theoretical conference on music, which is attended by scientists from around the world.

Access to the festival is done with the prior provision of passport details of a visitor.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the magnificent event in Registan Square and make your trip exceptional!



In the past there was a Gulzor (translation: Flower garden) Street in the place of modern Namangan recreational park. Local people were aware of all the technics of flowers: they used to take juices, make candies and take honey from flowers. They were also expert in making medicinal tinctures from the leaves and roots of flowers.

When the fame of the “famous street” reached to the ears of Kokand Khan – Khudoyorkhan (ruled from 1845 to 1876), he came to Namangan, checked and chose Gulzor street to develop. He moved local people to other places and built the medresah and other additional buildings.

However, in Oct 1875, Tsar Russian troops invaded Namangan and chose the medresah as their fortress. Tsar Russian army developed the area as the garden of the county chief. In 1920 a newly formed local government took over the area and the garden extended.

During 24-27 Aug 1961 Namangan city held the 1st Flower Festival and it became an annual festival.

It has developed from year to year. Over the next three years, the garden, floriculture, and flower festival have risen to an unprecedented level. Even local people are organizing a long caravan line of flower decorated vehicles. The area is full of different types of flowers. It looks like a city in the fairy tales! During the festival of 2018 there were 5 million flowers and more than 100 compositions of flower decorations!

Nowadays every year at the end of May the festival is held during a week! Unfortunately, the 60th Namangan Flowers Festival did not take place in May 2020 due to COVID-19 as it is a holiday of peace, friendship and prosperity!

Thousands and thousands of foreign travelers, embassy staff, international journalists, and flower experts attend to this event! Join and become one of them!



Currently, Fergana Valley has more than four thousand workshops dealing with thirty types of handicraft. Among them are dynasties that have founded their own schools, participants of international fairs, and holders of state awards.

It is no coincidence that the World Crafts Council granted Kokand the status of “World City of Craftsmen” in 2014. It is worthy to mention, Kokand deserved this award first among the cities of the CIS countries. Thus, this was a sign of the world recognition.

Kokand organized International Handicrafters Festival – “KHUNARMAND” for the first-time during 10-15 September 2019. 1116 artisans (among them 191 were foreigners) attended to the event. The participants showed their skills and exchanged their experiences. Moreover, the festival was accompanied by classical, folklore songs, unique samples of world music. The participants and the visitors sang their favorite songs and danced as well. Uzbekistan is planning to organize the festival of Handicrafters every two years in September.

Kokand International Handicrafters Festival – “KHUNARMAND” is an event not only of Uzbek people, but also handicraftsmen from all over the world. Moreover, its scale indicates that it will serve as an important bridge that will connect the peoples of the world and their multifaceted culture.

Welcome to this amazing festival!