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Embassies of Uzbekistan overseas

Uzbekistan Embassies started to operate in a number of foreign countries after the declaration of independence and establishing a sovereign state, the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1991. Uzbekistan actively began to cooperate with foreign states, major banks, non-governmental organizations and became a member of some influential international organizations of the world.

Embassies usually play a major role in promoting mutual understanding, diplomatic relations, and commerce among countries, represent the direct face, literary heritage, and culture of one country.

At present, the list of Uzbekistan Embassies abroad consists of 34 (except consulates and missions). Below we list contacts of all embassies of the Republic of Uzbekistan in overseas countries.


List and Contacts of Uzbekistan Embassies in foreign countries:

Uzbekistan Embassy in Afghanistan

Address: Wazir Akbar Khan 13th street, 3rd row, house 14, Kabul

Telephone: (+9320) 230-04-31

Website: www.afghan.mfa.uz


Uzbekistan Embassy in Austria

Address: A-1180, Pötzleinsdorferstrasse 49, Wien

Telephone: (+431) 315-39-94 / 14

Website: www.usbekistan.at


Uzbekistan Embassy in Azerbaijan

Address: Patamdar, 1st highway, passage 9, 437 Apartment, Baku

Telephone: (+994-12) 497-25-52 / 49

Website: www.uzembassy.az


Uzbekistan Embassy in the Republic of Belarus

Address: st. Pokrovskaya, house 24, Minsk

Phone: (+375-17) 235-72-08

Website: www.uzembassy.by


Uzbekistan Embassy in Belgium

Address: Av. F.Roosevelt, 99, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: (+322) 672-88-44

Website: http://belgium.mfa.uz/en/


Uzbekistan Embassy in China

Address: No. 11, Bei Xiao Jie, San Li Tun, 100600, Beijing

Telephone: (+8610) 6532-6305

Website: www.embassy-uz.cn


Uzbekistan Embassy in Egypt

Address: 18, Sad El-Aali Str., Dokki, Cairo

Telephone: (+2023) 336-17-23, 336-45-16

Website: www.uzembegypt.com


Uzbekistan Embassy in France

Address: 22, rue d’Aguesseau, 75008, Paris

Telephone: (+331) 5330-0353

Website: www.ouzbekistan.fr


Uzbekistan Embassy in Germany

Address: Perleberger Strasse 62, 10559 Berlin

Telephone: (+4930) 394-09-80

Website: www.uzbekistan.de


Uzbekistan Embassy in India

Address: 40, Dr. Radhakrishnan Marg Chanakyapuri, 110021, New Delhi

Telephone: (+9111) 2467-0774, 2467-0775, 2410-5640

Website: www.uzbekembassy.in


Uzbekistan Embassy in Indonesia

Address: Jl. Aditiyawarman No 25, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Telephone: (+6221) 720-09-50 / 72

Website: www.uzbekistan-embassy.or.id


Uzbekistan Embassy in Iran

Address: No. 6, Nastaran Alley, Boostan Street, Aqdasieh, Tehran

Telephone: (+9821) 2283-2071, 2229-9780

Website: www.uzbekembassy.ir


Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel

Address: Moshe Sharet str., 31, Ramat Gan, 52413, Tel-Aviv

Telephone: (+9723) 672-23-71

Website: www.uzbembassy.org.il


Uzbekistan Embassy in Italy

Address: Via Pompeo Magno 1, 00192, Rome

Telephone: (+3906) 8786-0310

Website: www.uzbekistanitalia.org


Uzbekistan Embassy in Japan

Address: 108-0074, Minato-ku, Takanawa 2-1-52, Tokyo

Telephone: (+813) 362-772-166

Website: www.uzb-emb.jp


Uzbekistan Embassy in Kazakhstan

Address: Leyli-Mejnun str., 7, Astana

Phone: (+77172) 95-42-52

Website: www.uzembassy.kz


Uzbekistan Embassy in the Republic of Korea

Address: 27, Daesagwan-ro 11-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Telephone: (+822) 574-65-54

Website: www.uzbekistan.or.kr


Uzbekistan Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

Address: 177, Aytmatov str. (ex. Mira str.), Bishkek

Telephone: (+996-312) 98-62-95 / 96

Website: www.uzbekistan.kg


Uzbekistan Embassy in Kuwait

Address: Mishref, Block 1, Street 7, Villa №4

Telephone: (+965) 2539-6515

Website: http://kuwait.mfa.uz/


Uzbekistan Embassy in Latvia

Address: Elizabetes str. 11, 2-floor, room 11, Riga

Telephone: (+37167) 32-23-46, 32-24-24

Website: www.uzbekistan.lv


Uzbekistan Embassy in Malaysia

Address: 7, Jalan 6, Ampang Utama, 68000, Selangor, Kuala-Lumpur

Telephone: (+603) 4253-2406

Website: www.uzbekembassy.com.my


Uzbekistan Embassy in Pakistan

Address: House №40, Street Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Sector F-8/3, Islamabad

Telephone: (+9251) 226-47-46

Website: www.uzbekembassypakistan.com


Uzbekistan Embassy in Poland

Address: 21, Kraski str., Warsaw

Telephone: (+4822) 894-62-30

Website: www.uzbekistan.pl


Uzbekistan Embassy in the Russian Federation

Address: 12, Pogorelsky Pereulok, Moscow

Telephone: (+7499) 230-00-78

Website: www.uzembassy.ru


Uzbekistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia

Address: Talha bin Al Barra str. Villa №17, Riyadh

Telephone: (+9661) 263-52-23

Website: www.saudia.mfa.uz/


Uzbekistan Embassy in Singapore

Address: 20 Kramat Lane, United House, #04-01, Singapore

Telephone: (+65) 6734-3942 / 43

Website: www.singapore.mfa.uz


Uzbekistan Embassy in Spain

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 45, 3rd floor, Madrid

Telephone: (+3491) 310-16-39

Website: www.uzbekembassy.es


Uzbekistan Embassy in Tajikistan

Address: 30, Sanoi str., Dushanbe

Telephone: (+99237) 224-75-39, 224-99-03

Website: www.uzbekistan.tj


Uzbekistan Embassy in Turkey

Address: Sancak Mah. 549. Sok. №3, Cankaya, Ankara

Telephone: (+90312) 441-38-71

Website: www.uzembassy.org.tr


Uzbekistan Embassy in Turkmenistan

Address: 50A, Georgly str., Ashgabat

Telephone: (+99312) 36-90-62 / 55

Website: n/a


Uzbekistan Embassy in the UAE

Address: Zone East 38/1, Plot 10/b, Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Telephone: (+9712) 442-22-15 / 17

Website: www.uzbekembassy.ae


Uzbekistan Embassy in the United Kingdom

Address: 41 Holland Park, W11 3RP, London

Telephone: (+44) 20-72-29-76-79

Website: www.uzbekembassy.org


Uzbekistan Embassy in Ukraine

Address: 16, Vladimirskaya str., Kiev

Telephone: (+38044) 501-50-00

Website: www.uzbekistan.org.ua/ru


Uzbekistan Embassy in the USA

Address: 1746 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, D.C.

Telephone: (+1202) 887-5300

Website: www.uzbekistan.org