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Foreign Consulates in Uzbekistan

Along with foreign embassies, Uzbekistan is a home for a few foreign consulates (general or honorary) of the countries listed below.

To be more helpful, we list full contact details of all available foreign consulates in Uzbekistan for foreign travelers who are in search or in case of need.

List and contacts of foreign consulates in Uzbekistan:

Consulate General of Afghanistan in Uzbekistan

Address: 84, Sulton Saodat str., Termez

Tel:  N/A

Website: N/A


Honorary Consulate of Cyprus in Uzbekistan

Address: 22/7, C-2 Oloy, Tashkent

Tel: +998 71 233-69-90

Website: N/A


Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Uzbekistan

Address: 74b, Y. Gulyamov str., Tashkent

Tel: N/A

Website: N/A


* What is Honorary Consulate?

Honorary Consulate officials (mostly foreign nationals) don’t have direct consular competencies. However, they supplement the diplomatic network, they can’t replace it. The role of honorary consulates is limited. They can only advise or offer useful information. And they usually offer their services for free, on their own and for their own account.