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Climate of Uzbekistan / Weather in Uzbekistan

What is best time to travel to Uzbekistan? What is the weather like in Uzbekistan?

Spring and autumn are the best time to travel to Uzbekistan. Days are pleasantly warm and nights are often cool due to its geographical location!

Uzbekistan borders on Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The country has no sea or ocean around – landlocked. The topography of Uzbekistan is rich: deserts are mostly in the north-central part while mountains (4500m) are in southeast and northeast parts of the country.

Ferghana valley, surrounded by mountain ranges and intersected by Syrdarya River, is undoubtedly the most fertile area due to its mild climate. Turan lowland and Amudarya valley prevail in the far west.

The climate is continental: dry, with cold winters and hot summers. The hottest period is July and the coldest period is January. In main parts of the country it warms up around +37…+41 degrees, and at nights it cools down +20…+22 degrees. In winter usually it is 0 degrees during a day and -8…-10 degrees at nights.

In the desert parts of the country in summer it is +39…+45 degrees during a day and +21…+23 degrees at night, in winter it is +1…+3 degrees and at night -5…-7 degrees below zero.

In the mountainous regions of Uzbekistan, at an altitude of about 600 m in summer, the air warms up to +34…+36 degrees during the day, and at night it cools down to +18 …+20 degrees. In winter, daytime temperatures reach +5 degrees Celsius, and nighttime temperatures 5 degrees below zero.

Average annual rainfall varies from 100 mm in the northwest to 800 mm per year in the Tashkent region. Snow is extremely rarely, the only exception is the highlands, where the air temperature is lower.

Uzbekistan is one of the few countries where one can really see the four seasons of the year. So, there is a famous saying among the Uzbek folks: During a day one can notice the signs of four seasons: morning is like spring – fresh, mid-day is like a summer – hot, afternoon is changeable like autumn and evening is like winter – chilly!

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