The ancient roads, connecting the East with the West, later known as the Great Silk Road, had a great impact on the flourishment of legendary Silk Road cities such as Fergana, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva located in Uzbekistan territory.

It served to exchange world’s new achievements, innovations, discoveries, beliefs, traditions and even cultures among the countries of the world. In a word, it was a first step of human beings for the globalization. Thus, the views of the Ancient World’s people changed globally.

At this point, the ancient cities of Central Asia not only benefited, but at the same time, they contributed their shares to the development of other Silk Road destinations of the world. Thus, when someone says “The Great Silk Road”, also images or names of Uzbekistan’s historical cities come to one’s mind. That is why, Uzbekistan is an inseparable segment of the Great Silk Road. You can find more interesting facts and information about the Great Silk Road here.

Nowadays, travel to Uzbekistan and its combined tours of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan) are a great chance to experience the charm of the Great Silk Road.


Is Uzbekistan safe from COVID-19 to visit now?

Naturally, today’s one of the most essential question or topic for every single traveler is whether this or that country is free or safe from COVID-19 to visit. And of course, it is a question to the point for those who are going to travel to any foreign or neighboring country. The health and safety of each traveler is paramount!

What about Uzbekistan? Is Uzbekistan free from COVID-19 to travel now? Instead of short answers to these questions, we would like to provide you with more detailed information about Uzbekistan safety travel measures.

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